Higher Ground Farm is seeking a rooftop in the city of Boston to lease for a food roof.  Our mission at Higher Ground Farm is to be a viable green business that will provide fresh, healthy, city-grown produce to residents and local restaurants, while providing a place that reconnects urban-dwellers with productive green space.

Productive green roofs are a growing part of the vision of modern environmental sustainability, and roof farms are sprouting up in cities across the US and the world.  Boston Mayor, Thomas Menino, included the installation of green roofs, and other sustainable design features, in his plan to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Productive green roofs provide several benefits to the building owner, and function in the urban landscape on multiple levels as they:

  • Make use of an unused space with few competing uses,
  • Reduce heating and cooling costs for building owners,
  • Triple the life of the existing roof,
  • Reduce the urban “heat island” effect,
  • Increase permeable surface, thereby retaining storm water,
  • Attract positive attention to the building and neighborhood,
  • Produce fresh, healthy produce!

We would like to lease a roof space that is a minimum of 25,000 square feet, on which we will install a green roof system using the technologies provided by ReCover Green Roofs in Somerville, MA.

Please contact Courtney Bissonnette and John Stoddard if you or someone you know has a roof for rent at info@higher-ground-farm.com .

For more information please read this article in SeedStock.